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It’s the little things that count…

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Did a lot of work while I wasn’t updating and pictures too.

I bought a window regulator and lock from a member of BMW 2002 FAQ, and they arrived in great shape.

… And the lock even came with a key. It operates perfectly; it’s not missing shards of metal like the one that came with the car.

The other lock was really difficult to remove, but this one went in without a hitch. Well, actually, I dropped the threaded ring that holds the lock in down somewhere in the trunk, but I just used the one that came off the old lock. Luckily it was the only undamaged part from that setup.

The passenger side window is halfway down. Know what that means? Yeah, now it rolls up and down.

I got new latch screws for both rear windows. It had one correct screw before, but hell, they were cheap, philips-headed, and nicer looking than the rusty slotted screw that was in there. And I got a bonus: The screw that was hardly holding the other window in was actually the screw that goes into the latch mount.