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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

pan and lower timing cover off

sideways picture of the oil pump sprocket

rods and pistons!

This is the worst of it as far as the rod bearings go

Looking good so far

Front of engine, I’ll need to get a new timing chain guide since I broke that one. Plus it’s plastic, so it’s probably a good idea anyway.

Didn’t see any scoring in the bores

Time to go to the machine shop!

So that’s as far as I’ve got so far with rebuilding the engine. I took the block and head to two different shops. The head went to a place specializing in BMWs, in fact they had a real E9 3.(0? 5?) CSL race car at their shop. I guess that’s confidence-inspiring.

On the way home, I was given a box full of cool parts by my friend who used to have a bunch of 2002s.

Lots of trim and odds+ends

Real tisa manifolds, Vitaloni mirror, other stuff

Roundel things. I don’t know what the BMW PEG thing is, but I’d sure like to know!

Brand new BMW Huf keys. Not that it matters, they’re rusted to hell and the roundel symbols (the only thing that makes them worth having) is flaking off

Seat label off of his old 3.0CSL

Casting marks on the manifolds

Both manifolds looking sexy, pre-sandblaster

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Engine stands make things much easier.

Intake side.

Finally got that stupid exhaust manifold off! NEEMMEEESSSISSSS
Note how many studs are left in the head To the left is the header I plan on using, it should flow a lot better than the log manifold with air injectors.

Upper timing cover taken off.

Same thing but whoa angles


Some excessive carbon buildup, and shit, look at those water passages!

Cylinder #1 looks like it’s got the white stuff (I don’t know what that stuff is)

Bottom end is still to come!

Sunday, July 1st, 2007


Started pulling the engine for a rebuild. 😀

Silly clamshell hood!

That’s better.

You appear to be missing some parts.

Oh, by the way, this isn’t a coolant drain like I foolishly thought. It’s for the timing chain tensioner, as I found out when the spring almost went flying.

Exhaust manifold nuts are a pain in the ass. Two are rounded off, one came off no problem, and the other took the stud with it. Oh well, I bought a whole new set.

Gross intake manifold and carb; that coolant passage looks kind of crusty.

Ready to pull…?

No, not quite. What should have been 10 minutes worth of lifting and pulling turned into 45 minutes of my dad and I trying to pry the engine from the trans with prybars. I ended up forgetting to take the stupid flywheel inspection plate off the bottom of the transmission, and the flywheel couldn’t escape.


This should make any suspension work I need to do a lot easier.

… Not that this endeavor was without faults; somewhere along the line the connector for the brake booster snapped off. Who knows, this may be incentive to just get rid of the power brake system.

Intake ports. My dad said they were big. Okay dad!

As it stands now, clutch and flywheel are off. I still need to get longer bolts for it so that I can actually put it on a stand. But that will have to wait until… God I don’t even know, I keep getting called into work

Lots more to come!