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Friday, May 30th, 2008

About two weeks ago the 8th annual Bay Area 02 swap and show happened in Brisbane, CA so not black enough and I drove from Pomona to San Francisco in my Focus (NOT GAY) to get my car to participate in the festivities.

But what kind of show would this be if something life-threatening didn’t happen (it would be a normal one). After tooling around on mountain roads, I found that the left front suspension clunked around, but I didn’t think much of it as it had been doing it for a while and the car still drove fine. Upon opening the hood, it was discovered that my driver’s side strut bearing wasn’t really bearing much — the top of the shock absorber wasn’t even through the bearing. So that was basically the stupidest, least responsible thing I’ve done when it comes to car maintenance. Somehow the shaft was wedged in the side of the upper spring perch underneath the inner fender, so we had to pull the entire strut out to put things back in the way they were supposed to go. Finished up by putting in new nylok nuts and blue Loctite just because I’m paranoid about those things again.


The show was a good time. There were all sorts of cars present, obviously they were mostly 2002s but any BMW made from 1965 to 1976 was invited, and the cars spanned all but one of those years.


Work truck!

okay that’s enough of the driving

One of my favorite cars there, it’s a 2002ti with factory C/R 5spd and quick ratio steering box, and absolutely ratty as hell

Tourings, not black enough said he wanted a touring with turbo flares and valence… Well there you go

Beautiful 3.0CS with a 3.5l injected M30

Mine is the only car nosed in

M2 with carbon fiber EVERYTHING

2002tii with the Alpina A4 injection system

The oldest car there was this ’66 2000C in Alpina livery.

This M2 was probably my favorite car there, with an M3 Evo drivetrain and it was just wonderful okay!

Two real turbos showed up, the one on the left is a clone (albeit a very well done example).

Euro Alpina 2002

RHD 2002tilux with dual headlight grilles (talk about a combination of rarities)

There’s always an interesting car that I’ll take a detail shot of but not an overall shot, this 3.0CSL was that car

You never know when you’ll need a spare timing chain cover when you’re rallying

Concours-level 1967 1600-2, absolutely beautiful car.

Bunch of ratty 2002s showed up, one was turbo using (most likely) parts from an E21 kit.

Hi Cromodora buddy

There were a few interesting-as-hell cars that showed up in the parking lot outside the show…

BMW-powered Glas, not sure why it didn’t enter!

Dual Weber 40DCOE-equipped NSU, that’s a ton of carb for a little engine.

Corolla, Escort (OH GOD I WANT ONE SO BAD), Opel GT and another Corolla.

Hopefully next year I’m not the only car nosed (by that I mean I hope I fix my car, not somebody else crashes theirs ) 🙂

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Been trying to deal with trim attachments because I don’t want to lose any more on the freeways of California (RIP front hood trim, I hope you like your new home on the shoulder of the westbound carpool lane of the 57).

I think there are a total of 45 for the entire car

Got the entire beltline trim set for $25, it’s in pretty good shape too 😀

The old exhaust wasn’t cooperating at the slip joint after beating it and torching it and putting PB Blaster on it, so…

I just cut it off! :V The resonator was old and shitty but the muffler was OK

New exhaust! 😀