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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

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I still need to grind down the welds.

Almost done, all the driver’s side needs is a patch panel made for the bottom where that small separation is.

The nose is off at the body shop getting the inside painted, when the car’s all put back together I’ll have the outside of the nose and the fender painted as well. Hopefully everything will be all done by next week, but I’m going to the track this weekend so I’ll have to work on this all day Monday!

Monday, August 25th, 2008


What are you doing


Some may find the next series frightening

Hmm what’s going on here



Well this will require some attention! Namely getting at it from the back with some rust inhibitor, and then welding a patch panel onto it (onto the good sheet metal which is like 5″ away). The driver’s side is not nearly as bad but will still require attention.


Oh fuck (say hi to my dad)

The pile of sheet metal to the left used to be a nose!

The car is entirely ready to accept the new nose. However I still need to get the inside of the new nose painted before I put it on, as well as doing a little bit more prep work on it.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Things aren’t all that bad, I pushed up on the headliner from the inside of the car and it doesn’t look that bad.

So there are a few paint cracks and dents left but nothing too horrendous. That doesn’t mean I’m not sour about it though.

How about a little positivity though? Here’s the center console gauge cluster I started building today along with some gauges that I grabbed out of a ’77 Porsche 924 – surprisingly enough, the clock still keeps perfect time! And I really like that the oil pressure gauge reads in kilopascals per square centimeter, more commonly known as bar.

Sunday, August 10th, 2008


Monday, August 4th, 2008

Well, it took an entire week but I finally got the brakes finished.


I spent $120 at the drop of a hat on these. They’re DOT-legal so when they find my charred corpse at the bottom of a steep ravine my family will get cash money

No I’m not selling these as a kit. The parts top to bottom are 1977 320i rotors, new oil seals, ’81-’83 320i hubs, lug studs, lug nuts, 1987 Volvo 240 4-piston Girling calipers, Precision Lines stainless braided brake flex lines. The lug studs are from Ireland Engineering and they’re awesome for this, they have just the right amount of thread before the shoulder for putting it into the hub.

Installing races and lug studs.

This is where the problems begin: I stripped the hell out of the fastener on a hardline. Luckily the whole line is about 14″ long and the master cylinder is literally just behind it. I also learned by doing this that European cars don’t use double-flares like American cars do (duh) so I had to either find a shop that had an ISO/”bubble” flaring tool, or buy one myself. Somehow I could not find a shop with one so I bought one for $20. Luckily it wasn’t a piece of garbage and worked fine.

Rotor and hub on the spindle and ready to go.

Almost done hooray

FUCK. This happened literally as I was trying to move the car outside for the night. These wheels won’t fit, even with 2 spacers. I may try find what the clearance is with the old calipers to grind off a little bit of the Girlings, but right now I know that from the center of the hub to the furthest edge of the calipers, that the Girlings are 1/2″ bigger – not good.

But I had to press on.

Okay I’m done for serious now. The radiator clamps on the strut body are for a bracket that keep the hardlines going from the caliper to the flex lines from moving around.

This should hint at what the next project will be, and I don’t look forward to it (no I’m not going to put flares on the thing). 🙁