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Thursday, November 27th, 2008


I still don’t know what the total is for getting everything done, but I really don’t care. They did an incredible job, the paint and bodywork on the nose and fenders looks so much better than the paint and bodywork of the rest of the car, it’s not even funny. You can see the hood in the first picture looks like it’s made of chalk. It also looks much better without the amber reflectors in front. Once I either put the black slats in the grilles by either a) cleaning the aluminum pieces and putting them in or b) using electrical tape, and adjust the doors a little better, it will look even better than it does now.

I guess I’ll start thinking about doing that 5-speed swap over winter break… 😀

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Just amassing more parts.

Nabbed this out of a late ’70s Benz. It looks perfect but I have yet to power it up and test it. I’ll definitely need to clean the tape player as I can see gunk on the head. I’ll likely end up selling it, I saw one on eBay get up to $52 without making reserve. I’d be happy to sell this one for that.

I stimulated the economy on Veteran’s Day by getting this Getrag 245 and driveshaft out of an ’81 E21 320i with 140,000mi for half price. Looks like my next big project will officially be doing a 5-speed conversion. Cost? Under $100.

After a little quality time with a razor blade, then a can of engine degreaser and a pressure washer. Still needs a little more work cleaning it but at least now I don’t need to go for the Fast Orange when I look at it or think about it.