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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Spring Break Work-a-Thon Day 4

I took a day off to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Drove around for about 4hrs/100mi on country roads, and it was even such a beautiful day that I didn’t have to drive fast to enjoy it 🙂

Spring Break Work-a-Thon Day 5

I didn’t work on my BMW but I sure did do a lot of work. Roommate and forum poster “GDM YO” (some of you may remember shitting all over his thread for some stupid reason) suspected a blown head gasket in his GTI and with the end of the week approaching fast, I helped him. I got back home at 1:00am 🙁

Tomorrow I plan on trying to finally get my console finished, and maybe even run the wires for the gauges!

gunnar2001, thanks for the pictures, I’ll break out the utility knife and make a couple holes in the carpet for the bolts. I’ll try to get a picture of the kidney grille mounting bracket, but it’s just a couple of little clamp things that hold onto the middle “v”s of the kidney, top and bottom.

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Spring Break Work-a-thon: Day the Third
interior crocodile alligator, i drive a bmw… nickelodeon?… edition

Nice hole… for me to PATCH UP XD

Steel Patch Kids… With bonus switch box caps to cover up those weird holes that looked like they were punched in by some wacky PO.

This sucks and I didn’t like doing it, the makers of this kit for some reason decided to give you just enough material to do the interior when it would have been much easier if I could have had some extra and cut off the excess.

What it would mostly look like…

These pieces on the rocker were kind of a pain because the door sill clamps them down

Getting a little closer…

Closer still. I put the shifter and handbrake boots in the dishwasher to clean them and it did a fantastic job!

Cut open a couple slots for the accelerator pedal mounts to stick out through…

VIOLA! Some adjustments need to be made, as well as gluing down everything into place (this was really just more of a test) but I think it should be okay. The only thing I can’t figure out right now is how to mount the driver’s side kick panel carpet, it looks like the hood release is in the way. Any ’02 owners want to let me know if the hood release is just bolted through the carpet?

K&N everywhere :V Thanks to meatpotato for the air cleaner, I would have put it on sooner but I needed a breather for the valve cover. I might run a catch can at some point depending on how dirty that thing makes the engine bay.

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Spring Break Work-a-thon: Day 2
didn’t get shit done today edition


Rust removal, and the hole is right behind the wiring harness on the forward left corner of the footwell

Punch it out!

Pass side tar removed and rust removed

A coat of primer to put rust to sleep… For now. I need to figure out what to do with the hole on the driver’s side footwell. I could either have a patch welded back on, or I could just clean it up real nice underneath and use some panel bonding adhesive to put a patch on. I’m sort of leaning toward the latter.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the other ones primed and start putting carpet in.

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Spring Break Work-a-thon: Day 1

I got home for spring break to find my dad reporting that the car blows one of its six fuses every time the key is turned. The fuse is a 16amp fuse that controls the dash instruments, horn, washer pump, wipers, heater blower and a couple other things. Peculiar. I unplugged the intermittent tachometer, thinking it might be the culprit. Nope. I unplugged the blower motor since it draws a lot of power and could do with a nice lubrication. Nope, another fuse gone. Walking over to the other side of the engine bay…

… I saw this.

Seems the washer pump fell off the bottle and hung around with the #3 primary for a week or so. The burnt part of the motor housing follows the contour of the header. Luckily it still works! Hooray.

I wanted to start pulling sound deadening so I pulled the interior out.

Sorry to anybody who’s been for a ride in my car. This seat mount was all cracked and scary. 🙁 Now it’s welded back together.

Just with a mallet and a gasket scraper.

But now we need some fire(?)power.

5 times the power

Spooky Halloween-edition Tar removal

Perfect rectangles 😀

Pretty much done! I just have to go over it with a heatgun and a solvent-soaked piece of steel wool and it will be nice and clean and ready for priming.

Passenger’s side rear footwell, without all the boring pictures from before. Same deal, have to clean it up a little bit but I’m satisfied. Now all I have to do is pull the tar on the front pass. side, clean up any surface rust I find, hit it with primer, and then I should be able to throw the carpet down.

I wasn’t going to let that dry ice go to waste 😉