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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Latest parts haul, and this time it’s all brand new:

Bumper bracket gaskets, clutch pedal bushings, side window felt guide ($59 at cost ugh), door handle gaskets and a couple of door striker plates.

Spal 13″ 1250cfm pusher fan. The vendor at the swap meet where I bought it had a big display with all the fans for sale on a wall. The 2740cfm fan was pretty cool. Also I got a couple of water-resistant replacement door panel boards from Aardvarc Racing. The originals are cardboard and once they get water in them they swell up and fall apart. I plan on basically rebuilding the doors on my car (putting new window guides in, new squeegees and felts, adjusting the glass, and then finally actually replacing the plastic sheeting that goes inside) so these should come in handy.

I’m still not sure how to put the old vinyl onto the new boards, the factory used a bunch of little staples that are really small, i.e. they are the same width as a standard staple but they’re only 1-2mm deep so that the sharp ends don’t penetrate all the way through the board. Anybody have a source for something like this, or a different suggestion as to how to affix my old vinyls to the new boards?

More updates next week.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Well after looking at the last few posts in this thread it appears as though I’m lazy, because installing the carpet was the only thing I ended up doing to my car over that week. Ugh.

I’ve been looking at driveline shops to build me a driveshaft to use with the 5 speed. The first one I called quoted me $150 to cut+shorten+reflange+balance the driveshaft, and another $150 to put new universal joints in (the stock ones are staked in and unreplaceable, thanks BMW) but then decided that it wouldn’t be $300, and would instead cost $475. No thanks, I’m not going to spend over 5x what I spent on the gearbox for the driveshaft. So I asked on BMW2002FAQ of any good shops that had experience with doing this conversion, and I found one relatively locally that quoted me $340 for the same as above (San Leandro Driveline Service if anybody’s interested). So even though I’m not around the car, hopefully it will magically have a new transmission the next time I see it

After offering $600 for a set of BBS RSes on craigslist, I found that I had a bit of money burning a hole in my pocket – so I decided to put that money toward something that would yield a bigger advantage.

I bought basically the complete injection system off of an ’85 e30 318i at the junkyard. I asked what the intake manifold and throttle body would cost, and the cashier quoted me $35 and $20, respectively. I got the manifold, injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, throttle body, water neck, bypass tube, intake boot (which turned out to be cracked), that weird idle bypass thing and the wiring harness (not pictured) for $70. Or $15 more than just the manifold and TB.

To the left are an EDIS ring, VR sensor, EDIS control module connector, and capacitor from an ’90 Ford Escort that I got for $8 (love 1/2 off days at the junk yard). I almost got a coil pack too but they wanted something stupid like $35 for it. No thanks.

So now the plan is to first get the transmission sorted out, then work on getting the funds for a MegaSquirt unit. That’ll be the summer project. 🙂