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Battery relocation

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The rears fit a little bit better, although they’re still quiteflush. The tires on the wheels are 195/50VR15s (yeah they’re old enough to have the V speed rating in the size) so I’m not sure if even 185s could help me.

Anyway today I started work on battery relocation.

The plan is to run the battery power straight to the starter, and then the accessories and alternator off the lug on the starter.

Battery box and finished terminal, I still need to make the ground cable. I won’t be able to use the rear shock tower brace while this box is in, but some day I plan on going to small Deka battery and replacing the large conventional one.

Battery cable on rear floorboard and under rear seat. Don’t worry about the ghetto looking fuel return line in the background, that’s not its final state.

After switching sides under the driver’s seat, the battery cable runs along the inner rocker panel, up the kick panel and through a hole drilled right above the speedometer cable hole.

I’m now a shameless wheel whore

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Oh goddamn these rims are SICK

check my 3-piece racing wheels y’all

yeah I’m gonna be hellafl

…ush. I think that’s actually more than hellaflush.

Nik and I picked these up at the junkyard the other day off an E21 (which had some other totally awesome 80s ultra euro parts on it). They’re 15×7 Epsilon/Southern Way 3-piece mesh wheels that are of some ridiculous offset that I don’t know what I’m going to do, I really want to keep them 🙁