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Just Sum Wheels

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

With Nik’s help the 2002 is running again, turns out my earlier problem was due to a faulty coil. A bunch of other headaches transpired which leads me to have the car running (and quite well I might add) with MSnSE and points in the distributor 😀

In the mean time I’m trying to prepare the wheels to be finished. I had no idea that the lips ever had this finish, but some Flitz and a hand full of tired fingers later and they shine pretty nicely – some nicks here and there but I’m not going for total perfection here! I’m probably just going to get the centers painted but I’m considering having them powdercoated… Each center is taking about 2.5 hours EACH to be sandblasted down to the aluminum, I might try asking a friendly shop to use their cabinet if it has more agressive shot because it takes way too long.

This center is nearly done, just need to remove the rest of the black paint.