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EDIS Thoughts

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Well I hadn’t touched the car since I went away for school at the end of September but last weekend I headed up north to my parents’ house to bring the car down (just in time for the rain I guess?). Tightened up some stuff I’d meant to get around to, namely the shifter platform. Good thing I crawled under the car because the center support bearing was missing a bolt and the other was about to fall out. Needless to say between that and the shifter platform I became good friends with blue Loctite.

Then it came time to make the 400+mi drive down I-5 which, in a 40 year old car, is about the scariest thing you can do on Halloween. Even with EFI and a 5-speed I managed a staggering 15mpg, struggling to get even 200mi out of one tank, but other than that and the fact that it was making no power the car ran flawlessly.

I guess I didn’t mention it in this thread but I concluded that the EDIS was essentially not working at all, because even if I set the spark map to 70°BTDC the car would run exactly the same as 20°BTDC… Combine this with it feeling more sluggish than with the distributor (and no fueling changes) and I chalked it up to a hardware problem where the EDIS was in limp mode at a fixed 10°BTDC. A few unexciting hardware additions to the ECU and some changes to the msq file (including Tim Skwiot’s ignition map) and all I can say is wow – it’s amazing what quality spark timing will do to a car. It almost feels too modern to be in a 2002.

Things left to do are to reassemble the fan output mod on the MS board, because I think Baby Hitler put a transistor in backwards when he built it :V Also I need to figure out how to get the tach working, looking at 2002FAQ it seems there are about 5 different ways to get the tach working with EDIS with no rhyme or reason for why each one works on a specific setup.