Wheels on!

I finally got tires and had them mounted…

Definitely a few clearance issues, the front camber plates are at maximum (~-2°) camber and the tops just barely clear. I drove it a little tiny bit and it doesn’t seen like there’s TOO much of an issue, although I did spin the coilovers up a little bit as well.

The rears, though, were a problem area I wasn’t really expecting. They rubbed as soon as I got in the car (and I’m not really a hambeast ok) so it looks like I’ll be needing to roll the rear fender lips. Not really sure how to do that, I understand there’s a way to do it with a baseball bat but about a billion different procedures that I’ve seen various people use.

But yes. The car finally runs, starts almost immediately (that’s with no idle control besides a cracked open throttle body) and drives quite nicely. It doesn’t feel quite as powerful as it did with the distributor but that’s very likely just because the ignition map needs to be tuned better. Also those springs in the mechanical advance were probably worn out so it had a crazy fast advance curve 😛

Still need to make a plug for the distributor but that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of my clueless self on a lathe!

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