Bushing is pretty much totally collapsed.

Guibos! Guess which is which

New shift tower mounts and the trans mount from an E21 320i. The thread is a little bigger (M10 vs M8 of the old one) so I had to drill the crossmember with a 13/32″ bit to get the right diameter.

Top: old mount. Bottom: new mount. The new one might be a little tougher than the old one.

Didn’t get many pictures of the process since I was intent on getting it done asap, but here it is with just the guibo and shift mounts installed. Missing a big support arm for the shift tower, crossmember, transmission mount, exhaust bracket, and the guibo still has its metal band around it.

All installed with the aforementioned mount and brackets installed.

The car feels better than it ever has before. Starting off in first is much, much smoother, and everything in the driveline just feels a lot tighter. Next up is probably to adjust the steering box.

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