I punched a hole in that exhaust manifold trying to get a broken bolt out of it so I won’t be doing forced induction any time soon. The sound of dual sidedrafts at WOT far surpasses that of a turbo anyway.

Single barrel and manifold off…

… Two barrel and manifold on!

Unfortunately, this carb had been sitting outside for a while before I bought it, so despite my optimism about throwing it on and firing it up, it ran like shit. The first night it would throw gas out the top of the float bowl (there’s a little opening for the jets), the next day that problem went away but the car ran and idled like shit, the next day it idled fine but ran obviously rich… and then it was back to the 2nd problem, where the car would idle for about 50 revolutions and then miss and die. Or just run terribly.


One time I even got a fireball to come out the top of the carb – but I never touched the timing throughout this process so I can’t see why that would be the problem. I checked the float level and it’s correct. I’ve heard that this could be caused by the electric idle jet to be malfunctioning, but I went ahead and bought a whole rebuild kit for the thing.

So, while the car was out of commission drivetrain-wise, I thought I’d turn my attention elsewhere.

Removing the sound deadening in the back. I was concerned by a small, dime-sized rust hole on the drain plug, so I wanted to take care of the problem before it became a huge problem.

A heat gun, scraper, razor blade and utility knife are what I used to make this big black gooey mess

Pretty much done…

Some steel wool and solvent later and I don’t have nearly as much rust as I thought I did. I’ll need to take a wire wheel to it and hit it with some primer, as well as probably cut out and patch that small spot of rust, but I’m relieved that it’s not totally cancerous.

The trunk area is totally filled with surface rust, luckily nothing terminal but I still need to take care of it. Using a paint/light rust removal wheel is taking away lots of surface rust but in areas where it’s more of a porous surface, it’s not doing a good job. Hopefully a wire wheel takes care of this and after it’s good to go I’ll hit it with some primer and paint it black.

I guess I’ll be getting used to doing body work since I have the joy of swapping that nose to come in the next few weeks. 😐

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