i just bought the stage 2 carburetion kit for 15,000cr

I finally got that stupid 32/36 Weber DGV on the car in a process that proved to be a little bit less than “bolt-on.”

I let the carb and all attaching pieces soak in chem-dip for 24 hours and then put in a rebuild kit. Looks almost clean enough to eat off of (if you ignore the residue in the choke arm passage and choke body.

After putting on the carb and still having the stupid thing shoot fire out the top, I resigned myself to checking out timing (but I really didn’t want to because I hadn’t touched it and there was no reason for me to have to >:(  ) …

hmmm – this cap’s less than 9 months old, and I didn’t even drive the car for 2 of those months. I’m surprised it ran at all like this.

That little cap had to be crammed into a hole left when the choke came off, it was sucking in tons of air (which is weird since it’s before the throttle plate)

It looks pretty 🙂 Now I need to find the air cleaner I had and then I will get some videos. It is a lot of fun when the secondary opens 🙂

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