I ordered a throwout bearing from work, at cost. $53.45 instead of $90 😎

Also bought a few things:

Early bumper brackets

Iskenderian 310° reground camshaft (link)

And then did some work:

Painted the bumper brackets that will hardly ever be seen anyway. I just love the sandblaster I guess.

New brackets on the outside. And I thought the old one to the left was only slightly tweaked!

Putting the brackets on was a bit of a pain but it was nothing major. 🙂

I still need to get some overrider rubbers before I can put the overriders on, and I need to put some more hardware on it to connect it, but I think it looks 10x better this way than bumperless.

a challenger appears!

My brother picked up this ’83 (?) 733i from a friend for free. It just needs brakes and maybe some other small things but it’s pretty cool!

One of those “other things” will definitely be seals once we figure out which ones they are.

Senior 6. I thought it was going to be CIS but thank god it’s EFI.

Oh hey what’s that in the lower right corner :O

Yup, e23 7-series with a five-speed manual transmission. And I’m eventually going to buy it from him for “$1000” but we’ll see if he comes down on that, he somehow has it in his head that one of these is worth $6k.

And all this crap is going into the Focus. I figure for $400 I’ll make my daily a little bit more fun to drive. 🙂

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