Spring Break Work-a-thon: Day the Third
interior crocodile alligator, i drive a bmw… nickelodeon?… edition

Nice hole… for me to PATCH UP XD

Steel Patch Kids… With bonus switch box caps to cover up those weird holes that looked like they were punched in by some wacky PO.

This sucks and I didn’t like doing it, the makers of this kit for some reason decided to give you just enough material to do the interior when it would have been much easier if I could have had some extra and cut off the excess.

What it would mostly look like…

These pieces on the rocker were kind of a pain because the door sill clamps them down

Getting a little closer…

Closer still. I put the shifter and handbrake boots in the dishwasher to clean them and it did a fantastic job!

Cut open a couple slots for the accelerator pedal mounts to stick out through…

VIOLA! Some adjustments need to be made, as well as gluing down everything into place (this was really just more of a test) but I think it should be okay. The only thing I can’t figure out right now is how to mount the driver’s side kick panel carpet, it looks like the hood release is in the way. Any ’02 owners want to let me know if the hood release is just bolted through the carpet?

K&N everywhere :V Thanks to meatpotato for the air cleaner, I would have put it on sooner but I needed a breather for the valve cover. I might run a catch can at some point depending on how dirty that thing makes the engine bay.

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