Spring Break Work-a-Thon Day 4

I took a day off to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Drove around for about 4hrs/100mi on country roads, and it was even such a beautiful day that I didn’t have to drive fast to enjoy it 🙂

Spring Break Work-a-Thon Day 5

I didn’t work on my BMW but I sure did do a lot of work. Roommate and forum poster “GDM YO” (some of you may remember shitting all over his thread for some stupid reason) suspected a blown head gasket in his GTI and with the end of the week approaching fast, I helped him. I got back home at 1:00am 🙁

Tomorrow I plan on trying to finally get my console finished, and maybe even run the wires for the gauges!

gunnar2001, thanks for the pictures, I’ll break out the utility knife and make a couple holes in the carpet for the bolts. I’ll try to get a picture of the kidney grille mounting bracket, but it’s just a couple of little clamp things that hold onto the middle “v”s of the kidney, top and bottom.

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