Latest parts haul, and this time it’s all brand new:

Bumper bracket gaskets, clutch pedal bushings, side window felt guide ($59 at cost ugh), door handle gaskets and a couple of door striker plates.

Spal 13″ 1250cfm pusher fan. The vendor at the swap meet where I bought it had a big display with all the fans for sale on a wall. The 2740cfm fan was pretty cool. Also I got a couple of water-resistant replacement door panel boards from Aardvarc Racing. The originals are cardboard and once they get water in them they swell up and fall apart. I plan on basically rebuilding the doors on my car (putting new window guides in, new squeegees and felts, adjusting the glass, and then finally actually replacing the plastic sheeting that goes inside) so these should come in handy.

I’m still not sure how to put the old vinyl onto the new boards, the factory used a bunch of little staples that are really small, i.e. they are the same width as a standard staple but they’re only 1-2mm deep so that the sharp ends don’t penetrate all the way through the board. Anybody have a source for something like this, or a different suggestion as to how to affix my old vinyls to the new boards?

More updates next week.

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