Not much to update on today, I got the driveshaft last night. San Leandro Driveline Service did the work cutting/shortening/balancing it, and also replacing the factory staked-in universal joints with nice replaceable units. I put the parts on the counter when I got there, and the guy looked me and before I could open my mouth said “2002, 5-speed conversion.” They do a lot of them.

The gearbox is mounted up to the block, finally. With the funny placement of motor mounts on the M10, having it jacked up in the front makes it also cock to the driver’s side, which makes it completely impossible to get the gearbox on. Let the bottle jack down a little bit and the transmission went right on.

Parts left to source: Automatic speedometer cable (not necessary but obviously it would be nice to have a working speedometer!), E21 320i clutch slave hose (because some fuckhead cut it at the junkyard but neglected to get the master or the slave/gearbox!)

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