Plug for the speedometer cable

Finally got a 320i clutch slave hose

Supporting the chassis with the jackstands off the subframe

Rear springs and shocks out, and the handbrake cables disconnected – I don’t look forward to putting them back in

Rear of subframe disconnected, but I ran into problems…

The exhaust shop that my dad brought the car to to fix a drumming problem welded the slip-joint that goes over the rear subframe… and with that big support that went under the car in the way, it wasn’t possible to drop the exhaust.

A coarse file and die grinder helped things get along, but I decided that they were taking too long. So I jacked up the car by the subframe, and replaced the large angle iron with wood on top with a couple of jackstands with 2x6s on top… Not quite as sturdy but still plenty strong enough to keep the car up.

Finally out, with probably at least 3lbs of grime on it.

Can you guess which stud stripped? :V

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