Got the differential off the subframe, it’s a heavy sucker! Unfortunately I really didn’t feel like degreasing it so I did other things:

Beadblasted the old hanger and then had my dad weld the studs in – shouldn’t be a problem now.

Installing the polyurethane differential hanger bushings

These things are going in one way or another!

I eventually figured out, after putting at least 1000lbs on it, that things weren’t very happy doing it this way. So instead I grabbed some engine assembly lube, and found a bearing race installer just a little bigger than the top of the bushing.

I think I got up to about 2000lbs when installing the bushings and they weren’t completely happy about it – no matter though, the ends are really only to hold it in. I’ll take a razor blade to the poly to cut out the little tears like this.

All done with the differential hanger.

I brought the driveshaft back to the shop (oh, now I remember, this all started when I wanted to put a 5-speed in!) and they said they’d fix it. I’m busy for the next 4 days or so, so no updates, but I’ll get lots of pictures and video of Mustangs making turns! Both left AND right!

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