New M10x1.5 nylok nuts on the diff carrier

The diff, while still incredibly rusty, is now mostly devoid of the grime that was stuck on it earlier. How something can be rusty and have so much grease on it I have no idea. While cleaning it I found the breather hole, but unfortunately I had already got some water in it so I think I’m going to play it safe and drain it.

Scraping the dirt off the trailing arms and the pile it left behind. I’ll pressure wash it tomorrow.

Cleaned, tapped and/or died all the hardware for the rear subframe. I got some M12 nylok nuts but they’re M12x1.75 instead of the M12x1.5 that I need. So I’ll buy that maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Stainless braided flex hoses, reassembly, maybe steering guibo?

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