Most of the work I did yesterday didn’t look like much, mostly routing lines, torquing bolts, bleeding brakes + clutch, stuff like that. Here are the pictures of what I did:

Clutch hydraulics are in and the line is frighteningly close to the accelerator pedal but I moved it through its full range it didn’t hit anything.

Driveshaft and new guibo are in with new nylock nuts (finally)

Rear swaybar is back in

Used this piece of strut with some bolts sticking out to align the driveshaft. With the 2 bolts level on the rearward portion the deviance at the very front was only about 1/4″. I think that’s satisfactory.

I think at this point all I need to do are flush the differential and transmission, connect the reverse switch wires, and put the exhaust system back on. Then I’m 99% sure it will be drivable! Hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow. 😀

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