I said the other day that brakes were my least favorite thing to do. I forgot about putting the header in. It’s just big enough coming from the top or from the bottom that it’s infinitely frustrating!

Finally in and with the e30 318i heat shielded exhaust manifold gasket

In the great tradition of not leaving well enough alone, I decided to get the distributor seated the way it’s supposed to be. In doing this I found out that I’ll be needing a new rotor.

I can get about 15° of rotation moving it by hand so it’s probably a good idea to be patient and get a new one.

For the gearbox! I ended up making the biggest mess possible because like an idiot I didn’t fill the box until after I had put the header in.

This ought to smell great. The fill plug on the transmission is right above the collector of the header, so not only is it difficult to get to, but when the box is full it will drip gear oil all over one of the hottest areas of the exhaust with the greatest surface area of the system, all into places that can’t be wiped clean. It should smoke for a good 20 minutes. :V

Thingz 2 do: reverse light wiring, dizzy rotor

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