So I found that my spare engine has a crank pulley that fits the trigger wheel perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s the worst (read: heaviest) type of pulley available – smog pump and AC with a balancer.

So I was thinking, since we have a lathe, what problems would I run into if I decided to just cut down the balancer part and maybe one of the pulley grooves?

Alternatively, I have the early, early single groove stamped pulley but the metal where the front main seal rides has been pretty heavily grooved. My thinking for that would be to mic the good metal to get the desired diameter, then run a bead around the grooved part, chuck it up in the lathe and turn it down until it’s just a little bit larger than the desired diameter. Since the surface of the part that the seal rides on is supposed to be incredibly smooth I was thinking of bringing it to a machine shop to have it polished like they would a crank.

Thoughts? Any machinists out there? 😛

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