In other news I got eight Lincoln MkVII injectors, which are 234cc at 3.0 bar, to replace the 143cc at 2.5 bar (which is 170cc at 3.0bar) stock BMW injectors I have. All for free. Good thing my grandpa kept absolutely everything when he was still around.

Also I posted a want-ad for a speedometer cable on bmw2002faq and somebody replied – so $32 later I’ll soon have a speedometer cable again.

As far as the car goes, there’s a little bit of a rhythmic thump every once in a while, especially around hard right turns – I noticed when I was under the car before that the transmission was kicked over to the driver’s side a little bit, and while I’m not sure why I’ll be crawling under there with a prybar to see if I can get it to stay a little more true to the tunnel. Other than that – the car is absolutely fantastic. No problems with the transmission at all, save for a bit of a reluctant 2nd gear (which grinds a little when the box is cold) and having an overdrive is great on the freeway. The most noticeable improvement were those rear subframe bushings because the car rotates like crazy now, but not too much to make it totally uncontrollable [cough-911-cough]

I dug out my Palm V and loaded a couple of Megasquirt tuning/logging apps so we’ll see how useful that is compared to my laptop (which has a fairly weak battery) – anybody have a serial cable for a Palm V? The dock I have would be a little bit bulky for in-car tuning :\

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