Plug wire construction, O2 sensor bung installation

Anyway I did a couple of little things to prepare for the addition of electronics to my car:

I went to the junkyard and got a coil, some escort coil-side plug ends, and the connector for the coil. I already had the blue Ireland Engineering 8mm plug wires. They’re like $50 from IE but I got them off a junkyard 2002 for $5.

This little gizmo is an MSD piece that was incredibly helpful in making these wires. In this picture I am cutting the insulation off of the wire; to do this you stick the cable in like so, put a razor in the slot on the top, and spin the cable.

Twist off the insulation and blammo, exposed core wire with no fuss. At this point I found out that I have solid core wires with resistors in the plug ends, about 4.6kΩ. Nik tells me that this might interfere with the VR sensor depending on how its wires are routed but hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

Then I folded the copper wires back on the insulation, slipped on the terminal, and used that same tool from before (plus the other piece of it) to crimp the terminal onto the wire.

Ta-da. Even though this picture looks good, I fucked up about twice before I got it right. It’s important to make sure the boot and cap are both on the wire BEFORE putting the connector on!


Yay. The plug ends are worlds better than the Beru or Bosch pieces because they sit much more solidly on the end of the spark plug. They aren’t floppy like the OEM pieces.

This O2 sensor bung cost me $8. At least it’s nice as far as bungs go

I decided on putting it not on the header collector but on the center resonator for 2 reasons. The turbulence should be mostly over by the time it reaches the 2nd part of the exhaust, and also because there is a ton of room to work with there.

Make a mark…

… then make a 1″ hole…

… make sure the bung fits…

… And then weld it in. I put the old sensor from my Focus in there to make sure that it didn’t warp – it didn’t.
Hopefully the next post I make in this thread will be pictures of the trigger wheel on the crankshaft pulley. 😀

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